MS is BS, simply put, is a group of friends united in the fight against multiple sclerosis. We refuse to give in to the frustrations, sadness and despair that come with the news that multiple sclerosis has entered our lives (both directly and indirectly) and as such, support this cause that celebrates life. We are happy to raise awareness, raise funds, walk, bike, party, you name it, all for the sake of supporting the effort to find a cure for MS. We are living to fight multiple sclerosis, and are moving towards a cure each and every day.

How It All Started
Multiple Sclerosis robs people of their ability to move, but not of their strength of mind. We started this group for all of those who think that MS is BS and want to join in the fight against it and all other diseases that affect mobility. Our goal is to not only raise funds for the efforts of the National MS Society, but also to raise awareness about the disease and its alarming rise in diagnoses as of late. Every hour in the United States, someone is newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and its unpredictable, often disabling effects on the central nervous system can last a lifetime.

What We Do