FAQ for the 2009 Capital Challenge Walk MS

Since there has been a lot of interest in the walk, I just wanted to clear up some of the more commonly asked questions:

  1. What is the Capital Challenge Walk MS?
    The Capital Challenge Walk MS is an endurance challenge hosted by the National MS Society. The event will raise funds to end multiple sclerosis (MS), increase public awareness of the disease, and promote health and fitness. Participants commit to a fundraising minimum of $1500 before making a life-changing journey of 50 kilometers over 2 days, helping bring us closer to a cure for MS!
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  2. When and where is the walk?
    The Capital Challenge Walk MS, which takes place on October 3 and 4th, will take participants by the various neighborhoods and monuments of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and end at the U.S. Capitol.
  3. Is there a fee?  Is there a fundraising minimum?
    We’ve already paid the fees to register, so if you join Team MS is BS, it’s free to sign up.  There are different fundraising minimums depending upon how you sign up:

    • If you sign up as a Walker, you must raise a minimum of $1500 in order to walk on the day of the event.
    • If you sign up as a Super Crew Member, you volunteer for the event and you must raise a minimum of $1500 for the team.
    • If you sign up as a Crew Member, you volunteer on the day of the event with no fundraising minimum.
  4. How do I register?
    To register as a Walker, Super Crew Member or Crew Member, click on the link below:
    Join the Team MS is BS 
  5. How will I be able to raise money?
    There are a multitude of ways to raise money, with the most basic one being to simply call/email/talk to anyone and everyone and encourage them to contribute.  Once you sign up, we’ll share with you the entire list of suggestions on how to raise the money, but in the meantime, here are some of the better ones:

    • Host a dinner party for a select group of friends.  If you invite 10 people, charge each person $50, and spend no more than $200 on each person, you’ve instantly raised $300.
    • Ask your company to match the amount of pledges you receive from your coworkers.  Many companies sponsor individuals in their fundraising efforts and pay all required fees in their entirety – a quick and painless way to raise the $1500.o
    • Gather up the extra stuff taking up space in your garage, attic and/or basement? Gather it up and ask your friends to do the same. Then pick a Saturday or Sunday, put the stuff in the front yard and have a garage sale! All your money raised can go toward your fundraising goal!
    • Do you or any of your friends have a special talent? Charge anyone who is interested in whatever service or lesson you’d like to provide and let them know that it’s a fund-raising effort for Capital Challenge Walk MS.
  6. What happens if I don’t raise enough money in time for the walk?
    Every individual who wants to walk will be required to raise $1,500. Thus, if they are unable to raise the funds by the day of the walk, they will be unable to participate.  Those who are unable to raise enough funds in time can volunteer or crew throughout the weekend so that they can still be apart of the weekend and the amazing community. Also, although it’s not recommended, day-of there will be Promise To Pay forms. These forms state that you intend to receive the remainder of the funds by a certain date and that if you do not, the National MS Society charges you the remainder of the funds.
  7. I want to raise money, but I can’t walk at the event.  How can I participate?
    If you join as a Super Crew Member, you commit to raising $1500, but you volunteer rather than walk at the event.  You can also join as a crew member with no minimum amount of money to raise.  If you cannot attend the walk at all, you can come to any one of the many fundraising events that we’ll be holding to raise money for the team.
  8. I want to participate, but can’t commit to $1500.  How else can I help out?
    If you join the team as a crew member with no minimum amount of money to raise.  If you cannot attend the walk at all, you can come to any one of the many fundraising events that we’ll be holding to raise money for the team.  You can also hold a fundraising event of your own – make sure to let us know about it so that we can post the info on this site.  But most of all, help us get the word out about our efforts – join our group on Facebook, tell friends and family about the work that we are doing, and get others involved in the effort.
  9. Where do the proceeds of the walk go?
    100% of the proceeds of our fundraising efforts that go to this walk are donated to the National MS Society. In 2008, the National MS Society will invest $49 million into MS research projects in the U.S. and abroad, supporting over 440 new and ongoing research projects.  Between its inception in 1946 and the end of 2008, the Society will have invested a cumulative $600 million. $0.78 of every dollar funds programs, education, advocacy, and research and $0.22 of every dollar covers fundraising and administration costs.

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