MS is BS 7th Place in Fundraising for Capital Challenge Walk 2009

Well, kids – MS is BS finished 7th of the 40 something teams in the Top Team Fundraising competition. As you know, this is our first year out, and we are just so bowled over by how generous all of you guys have been in supporting a cause that is so close to us (and I mean “close” in both senses of the word – we’d love for MS to be out of our lives completely). Healthy competition aside, we are most excited about meeting all of our fellow walkers, and putting faces to the names that we’ve seen on the team leaderboards on the MS site. It’s so nice to know that there are so many people out there who feel the same way we do, and October 3-4 are partially celebrations of that fact.

Anyways, $10,000 from MS is BS for Lexi, for our friends and family whose lives have been affected by MS, for the National MS Society, and for the hope that that one day when the cure is found is closer to us than we could ever imagine.


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