Photos of the Challenge Walk 2009

As if two days, 50K, and $15,000 in funds raised for the National MS Society by our team (and over $1 million with all the teams combined) weren’t enough, we were lucky to finish the day with a Best New Team award and a speech given by our own Lexi Franklin on her inspirational fight against multiple sclerosis.  Lexi addressed the thousands gathered on the lawn of the Capitol, reminding them to grab those proverbial lemons (and a whole lot of sugar) to make some much needed lemonade.  Couldn’t have ended things any better!

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Also, there were a lot of convicts roaming around Northern VA on October 4th, and all of them had a score to settle against multiple sclerosis. If you want to see your Wanted pic from the fabulously fun MS is BS rest stop at the Capital Challenge Walk MS, check it out here.

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