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MS is BS is comprised of a great number of folks who each participate in the cause in varied ways.  From fitness events, to dinners and fundraisers, to craft and bake sales, we do what we can to move closer to a cure, all the while having a great time.  Brand new to the team?  We’re happy to have you as we’re always excited to see new faces.  Here are some ideas of how you can help:

Fitness Events

Our signature events throughout the year are the big three – Walk MS 5K, the Capital Challenge Walk 50K and Bike MS.  With the exception of Walk MS where the entire team walks together for the short 3 miles, our events are comprised of a combination of participants and volunteers.  All of our fundraising events throughout the year go towards helping our walkers and bikers meet their goals for the events.  Whether you are a walker, biker or volunteer, expect to spend the time laughing it up with the team.  We are 100% dedicated to making each event a party, and we’re always looking for more to join in on the fun.  Hands down, these events are THE best way to learn more about the team and get involved.

  • Walk MS 5K in Reston, VA
  • Bike MS: Ride the Riverside in Alexandria, VA
  • Capital Challenge Walk 50K in Washington, DC

Music Events

What’s a party without good music?  Throughout the year, acoustic blues musician, team member (and most importantly Lexi’s dad), Rick Franklin, organizes a series of concerts to benefit the team.  From the Beale Street Blues Festival to intimate concerts at Cassatt’s Kiwi Cafe to our signature annual event, the Backyard Blues BBQ, MS is BS is always rocking out for the cause.  Learn more about the upcoming music events by checking out our calendar.

Dinner Events

Local restaurants such as Maple Ave, Beale Street Grill, Cassatt’s Kiwi Cafe and La Tasca allow us to host MS is BS nights where a portion of every guest check is donated to the team.  Learn more about these business allies on our Sponsors page, and check our calendar for upcoming events.

Follow Us Online

MS is BS is wired and our thriving online community is constantly posting updates on ways that you can get involved and help with the cause.  Like us, retweet us, keep on buzzing about us, we love it all.

Contact Us

From new team members to business and corporate sponsorship, we are always looking for new friends, family and key players to join this group and express their support of the collective effort. Feel free to contact us with ideas on how we can continue to fight MS in new ways.